The Future Laureates released their latest EP, ‘Here and After,’ on Sept. 23. Full of high-spirited and energetic songs that blend rock, pop and folk into one catchy groove, ‘Here and After’ is, to put it simply, a whole lot of fun. And we want to do our part to make sure everyone is having fun, so we've partnered with the Chicago outfit to premiere their brand-new music video for ’Sinners and Saints’ above.

It doesn’t take long for the exuberant ‘Sinners and Saints’ to take hold of fans’ attention; not only does the song instantly sound familiar, but the video feels like one big party.

“Shooting 'Sinners and Saints' was a lot of fun and hopefully that comes across,” vocalist and ukulelist Matthew Daigler tells us. “We got to cruise around the Chicago River and drink with a bunch of our friends all night. I think it is safe to say a good time was had by all.”

The Future Laureates are known for their enthusiastic live performances -- fortunately for those who have yet to catch them, 'Sinners and Saints' is a great introduction, both visually and audibly. They have a few concerts scheduled through November; you can get their full tour itinerary here.