Long a fashion icon for rumpled perdedores and spiritual cowboys everywhere, diminutive alt-rock legend Beck is finally giving his fans a high-fashion alternative to cheap sunglasses. They're like Midnite Vultures for your eyes! Or something.

Beck's specs, dubbed the Double Helix, were created in conjunction with the designer eyewear masterminds at Oliver Peoples, who insist that Beck was "very involved in the two-year development of the frame," which was "inspired by his personal collection of deadstock ’80s sunglasses." (In case you were wondering, "deadstock" does not refer to a hippie music festival attended by dead people -- it's actually defined as "vintage clothing that has never been worn before.")

Sounds great, right? All you need is the $595 they're going for at the Oliver Peoples website. At that price, you're bound to want a pair for every day of the week, right?

When he's not devoting his creative energy to eyewear design, Beck recently has been busy toiling in the studio with a wide variety of artists -- working as a producer for Sonic Youth's Thurston Moore and former Pavement frontman Stephen Malkmus, as well as collaborating on a new album with country legend Dwight Yoakam.