Killers fans who can't bear to wait until September for the arrival of their new album, 'Battle Born,' we have a suggestion for you: Check them out on the road. The Las Vegas rockers kicked off a busy summer of touring -- and gave their first public performance in more than half-a-year -- on Thursday with a club gig in Asheville, N.C., performing four songs from the forthcoming disc during the intimate show.

New tunes performed included first 'Battle Born' single 'Runaways,' which kicked off the show, plus 'Rising Tide,' 'Miss Atomic Bomb' and 'Flesh and Bones.' For those of you who won't be seeing the Killers live any time soon, don't worry -- there's always YouTube, which has video of three of the four new tunes played. We know it's not the same as catching them in the flesh, but with their 2012 itinerary currently listing only a handful of U.S. dates, it's definitely more realistic and always the next best thing.

Watch the Killers Perform 'Miss Atomic Bomb'

Watch the Killers Perform 'Flesh and Bones'

Watch the Killers Perform 'Rising Tide'