'Leaving Las Vegas' has been a bestselling book, an Oscar-winning film and a hit song for Sheryl Crow -- but as far as Killers frontman Brandon Flowers is concerned, it's also a really terrible idea.

Asked in a recent interview with Shortlist magazine if he'd ever move away from the city, Flowers vigorously denied he would, saying he has a "weird fear" about severing his connection to the Nevada desert metropolis.

"I'm so attached to it, I feel like I would lose some part of my identity," explained Flowers, who grew up in Vegas. And while he's obviously familiar with its Sin City reputation as a den of gambling and vice, the clean-living singer says that's never been a part of its appeal for him.

"Even if your family wasn't doing it you knew about the hookers and strip clubs," he reflected. "I get that there's a bunch of musicians they say go there to die, and people are losing their money - I think my brain bypasses on that. I thrive off the energy of that gold rush, the idea of people coming there for that and the neon stuff."

While he has no plans to move away from Vegas, Flowers will certainly be spending extended periods outside the city limits in the near future -- the Killers' next album, 'Battle Born,' is scheduled for release on Sept. 17, with a full run of tour dates to follow.