The Killers have dominated the Diffuser Top 10 weekly video countdown for four straight weeks. If Brandon Flowers and the gang choose to transform their latest single, ‘Just Another Girl,’ into a video, we may be in for a permanent Killers reign.

'Just Another Girl,' which debuted today, is the second of two new singles to be released on the Killers’ forthcoming greatest hits album, ‘Direct Hits,’ out Nov. 11. It follows ‘Shot at the Night,’ that little M83-produced number that has taken over the Diffuser video poll. While ‘Just Another Girl’ may not boast M83 behind the boards, it’s as shiny and arena-sized as you'd expect from the Vegas crew, and it will surely stand up well against the rest of their catalog.

It has the all the guys’ signature New Wave and glam-rock influences, plus a hint of Springsteen throw in, just for good measure.

Listen to the Killers' 'Just Another Girl'

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