Tim Burton's 'Dark Shadows' was, um, overshadowed at the box office by 'The Avengers' last weekend, but even if you didn't head out to a theater near you to watch Johnny Depp act like a vampire, you can still go all the way to the bottom of your browser to hear the Killers' cover of a Raspberries power pop classic for the soundtrack.

We're talking, of course, about 'Go All the Way,' the 1972 Raspberries single whose soaring melody and tightly intertwined harmonies helped set the template for a sound that would go on to influence artists from Cheap Trick to Bruce Springsteen, Tom Petty, and Axl Rose. Oh, and the Killers, who are currently working on their first new album since 2008's 'Day and Age,' but took time out to pay tribute to the power pop pioneers for the soundtrack.

Unfortunately, the Killers' recording of 'Go All the Way' isn't on the 'Dark Shadows' soundtrack CD (which includes the Moody Blues and Alice Cooper), but thanks to the magic of the Internet, you can still hear the band's take on the song, which we've embedded below.

Meanwhile, the Killers continue work on the new album, which bassist Mark Stoemer says might be out in time for the band's summer appearance at the V Festival in the U.K. "It might be ... but there's no guarantees," Stoemer told NME. "We technically started last May, but we've been doing it in pieces, and it's kind of taken a while to feel it out and figure out what it means to be a band again, because we took so much time off."

What can fans expect from the new material? "Stylistically, it's pushing in more of a rock direction than the last album," hints Stoemer. "But we're also doing something we haven't done before. It'll definitely sound like us."

Hear the Killers' Cover of 'Go All the Way'