The Knife's new (and mildly NSFW, if you count a few exposed nipples here and there) video for 'Full of Fire' briefly surfaced on a Swedish website last week -- and then was quickly yanked down with nary a comment (at least not one that we could read in English). But now it's back in all its glory, which means nearly ten minutes of ... well, we're not totally sure what's going on, to be honest. It's “a film by Marit Östberg,” reads a post from the band, which describes the director as "a filmmaker and visual artist based in Stockholm and Berlin."

The post continues: "Her works are often focused on images of queer bodies and sexualities. She sees her work in a wider context of feminist fights and histories and her visual world has been described as uncompromising. Uncompromisingly current. Uncompromisingly sexy. Uncompromisingly political."

That description sounds about right to us. 'Full of Fire' is off 'Shaking the Habitual,' the forthcoming fourth album from the Knife, due out April 9. Check out more details about the disc on the band's official website.