The Postmarks’ Christopher Moll is back with a new project, the Lovers Key, and is proud to premiere their first single, ‘Saturday Night,’ featuring vocals by newcomer Maco Monthervil. Give it a listen below!

The band came into being late last fall, when Moll found himself feeling restless after the Postmarks went on hiatus.

“After the success of our last album in 2010, I needed to take a break and recharge my batteries,” he said, reflecting on his time in the critically acclaimed Florida indie-pop group. “I had felt a growing need to express myself musically in a fashion that was more raw and energetic, and I thought a way forward might be for me to get back to basics. So I made a plan to retreat and sort through what that meant to me.”

The end result was the Lovers Key, which brings an exciting blend of retro-pop and soul.

“‘Saturday Night' was the third track Maco and I wrote for our debut,” Moll wrote in a press release. “For me, it's about the joyous celebration of the liberation and possibilities a Saturday night can bring ... anything seems possible. I explained to Maco that I wanted to write a song that in essence had the feeling of cranking the rag top down on your convertible and cruising around with the wind blowing in your hair.”

“The sessions for our debut have been pretty effortless, which is great," he adds. "Time and time again, I have either been blown away or openly wept as I've heard him cut his vocal tracks. 'Saturday Night' is a fine example of this as what's on the recording was actually his first and on only vocal take on that song. First time's the charm!”

While you await the Lovers Key's full-length, let the ear-caressing ‘Saturday Night’ tide you over. And check them out on Facebook and Twitter for more info.