As the Ludlow Thieves celebrate the release of their brand-new EP, To Traveltoday (May 26), Diffuser is excited to partner with the New York City indie rockers for the premiere of the title-track's official music video -- check it out above.

The song is tinged with roots influences and layered with anthemic folk rock, creating a powerful listening experience; fortunately for fans, the accompanying visuals elevate the song to an even more memorable level.

"The 'To Travel' video came together over a few years, before there was even a band really," guitarist and producer Dan Teicher explains. "The director, Luke Tedaldi, and I are best friends, and we both thought the song really fit with his visual style. I think we started talking about concepts when Luke heard a demo of the song, maybe even just the orchestral recordings. We ended up shooting the video through some travels together and with the band on New York City rooftops, in the Alaskan wilderness, in Martha's Vineyard in the dead of winter and in Iceland."

"Then we shot all the band members in the most exotic of locations -- his Brooklyn apartment," Teicher adds. "It was a real labor of love to find a concept that would work best to capture the essence of the song -- we had very surrealist versions and straight narratives. Eventually we ended up combining about four previous rough drafts into the final product. I think he did an amazing job of depicting someone haunted by some memories, haunted by distance, and coming to terms with how far away two people can find themselves after being apart."

You can pick up To Travel here, and make sure to check out the Ludlow Thieves' official website to stay current with everything happening in their world.