Scottish indie-pop luminaries the Pastels, who last released a new album 16 (!!!) years ago, have shared the the sleepy, dreamy, wistful 'Illuminum Song,' the B-side of their recent 'Check My Heart' single. It's a soothing slab of Glaswegian pop that'll do wonders on those days when you're a bundle of frayed and frazzled nerves.

It's soft and sweet, with clear, clarion vocal tones and crisp, shimmery instrumentation. If you're having a rough moment, it'll take your stress levels down several notches. It's the type of song that makes you want to curl up in the coziest chair in the room and just stare out the window and forget everything else that's going on.

It's not easy to be powerful by being subdued, but the Pastels are just that with the lush and lovely 'Illuminum Song.' Expect a bunch more tunes just like it when the band drops 'Slow Summits' on May 28.