Based in Iowa -- but comprised of members from across the country -- the Penny Serfs exude quintessential indie rock sounds in everything they do. Needless to say, we here at Diffuser are very excited to get our hands on their upcoming album, 'Like Eating Glass,' set to hit the streets on Jan. 20, 2015. Today (Dec. 9), we're beyond thrilled to give you a taste of what to expect from the new record -- you can stream the brand-new track, 'Dead Love,' in the audio player below.

'Dead Love' starts with an immediately catchy piano rhythm and only builds in its engagement with listeners throughout the song. But the track is much more than toe-tapping, finger-snapping musical arrangements -- there's a significant meaning behind the lyrics.

"The future has made it hard to trust anyone, leaving mistakes and skeletons with no closets to hide in," frontman and guitarist Michael Loy tells us. "'Dead Love' is about trying to love without hiding any inner demons or your wicked past."

It's no surprise that 'Dead Love' is built on such an important and meaningful theme; the Penny Serfs have always used their music as a vehicle to let their voices be heard. As the band eloquently puts it, "These songs are [our] way of confronting the conundrums and frustrations that life throws [at us]."

And they've got some major fans within the music community as well. The National's Scott Devendorf says of the band's new album, "The Penny Serfs return from the fields shouting their shattered-glass paean to love's demise ... join them at the bar!"

To get details on 'Like Eating Glass' -- as well as the band's full tour schedule -- head over to the Penny Serfs' official website here.