Is the Shins' James Mercer the next Jim Carrey? Probably not, but Mercer appears in a new Funny or Die sketch -- his second this month -- in which the singer/songwriter plays every goofy character in the video, including both halves of a happy couple and an angry police officer.

The new skit, titled 'My Own Worst Enemy,' begins with a shot of two lovebirds on a blanket enjoying a picnic. Both roles are played by Mercer, and trust us when we say Mercer is one unattractive lady. Another Mercer character interrupts the meal by shooting spitballs at them, followed by a cowboy, who shoots the spitball offender.

The comedic gags continue as Mercer plays an abusive father, a police offer, a frisbee-tossing hippie, a newscaster, a weatherman and even the sun. It's not the funniest sketch in the website's history — the video owns a dead-even 50% viewer approval rating — but Mercer seems to be having fun showing a different side of his personality.

Earlier the month, the Shins were featured in a different Funny or Die sketch called 'Clapping Butter' that mocked their studio creativity, showing band members creating new sounds by rubbing a plunger on a trumpet and using a gel-like substance for more efficient handclaps.

The Shins have been garnering publicity at every turn as they promote their next album, 'Port of Morrow,' which arrives on March 20 and can now be streamed for free via iTunes.

Watch James Mercer's 'My Own Worst Enemy' Funny or Die Video