In what might be our favorite music video of 2015, the Speedbumps have crafted an unforgettable story around the lead single for their new LP, Soil to the Seed. “Done Treading Water” follows Bear, the video’s protagonist, after what has to be the worst day of his life. Check out the hilarious video above.

The song itself highlights the Speedbumps’ knack for creating mesmerizing music, blending compelling arrangements with gorgeous harmonies for a listening experience few other bands can imitate.

“I wrote ‘Done Treading Water’ after I read a novel my dad wrote about his life traveling the world,” vocalist and guitarist Erik Urycki tells us. “The song has a theme everyone can relate to, being stuck in the same place while wanting more. What better way to depict that struggle than an eight-foot grizzly bear working a desk job, right?!”

While we never thought we’d get life lessons from a grizzly bear, now that we have, we find ourselves wanting more from Bear!

Soil to the Seed hits the streets on May 5 following a successful Kickstarter campaign that raised nearly $20,000. You can follow along with the band’s crowdfunding process here, and make sure to head over to the Speedbumps' official website to stay up-to-date with everything happening in their world.