What would you do if you found out that your spouse is cheating on you only seconds before you two are about to go on live television? The Staves explore the situation in their new video for 'Black & White' -- check it out above.

Directed by Jack Whitely, the video takes us to a local news station in Australia where the female news anchor finds out moments before she is to get on live TV that her husband and co-anchor has been sleeping with the new weather girl.

"Working with Jack Whitely and his team to create this video was so much fun," the band says in a statement. "We've been a fan of Jack's work for a while now and who doesn't like dressing up?! Although, we had forgotten just how long crimping actually takes. Those of you who have seen us live may be able to spot our bass player Cyrus looking like a member of the Village People. We hope you enjoy this video."

With each of the Staveley-Taylor sisters playing a makeup artist, producer and the infamous weather girl and rocking some serious '80s style, the song goes well with the build up to the anchor's emotional explosion toward the end. What makes it an even more entertaining narrative is the constant back and forth between professional broadcaster and emoting partner that draws you in and makes you want to find out what happens next.

'Black & White' is the latest song off the Staves' upcoming album, 'If I Was,' out on March 23 in the U.K.