It has only been a little more than a year since the Strokes made a comeback with their latest album 'Angles,' but they're already hard at work on their next release. Their forthcoming record will stand as the band's fifth studio album since their formation in 1998.

The Strokes have once again joined forces with Gus Oberg, who produced 'Angles,' which came out in March 2011. Oberg also worked with the band's guitarist, Albert Hammond Jr., on his solo record 'Como Te Llama?' back in 2008. According to Billboard, the as-yet-untitled album by the Strokes is being recorded at New York's Electric Lady Studios and is rumored to be the last one they will put forth via RCA Records.

Do the Strokes plan on introducing their new music to the public before the album hits stores? Probably not. Hammond revealed the band's stance on sharing unfinished material by way of the following remark to Billboard: "I think even if we had the whole record done, we wouldn't play it 'til the album was out."

While they aren't on tour at the moment, the Strokes headlined Coachella last year alongside Kings of Leon, Arcade Fire and Kanye West.

Update: A report by Pitchfork says that the Strokes are apparently not in the studio after all. "Billboard reports that they've been recording at New York's famed Electric Lady Studios alongside producer Gus Oberg. However, according to the band's management, this is not true. The band are not working on a new album, and have not been recording at Electric Lady with Oberg."