Two weeks after a Seattle radio station claimed it had an exclusive on the new Strokes single and a week after news surfaced about plans for a new album, a song bound for the as-yet-untitled disc has surfaced in our inbox.

The track, titled 'One Way Trigger,' isn't the same song promised by the aforementioned Seattle station (that would've been 'All the Time,' which apparently has still yet to drop) and doesn't come with any additional tidbits about the Strokes fifth album.

But it does come with this explanation from the band's label: "The set up track to the new Strokes album coming someday soon. When you least expect it, expect it." That, and this promise: "Official first single in your inbox February 13."

We're guessing that the single will be 'All the Time,' but enough about that. Let's listen to 'One Way Trigger,' which opens with a super thin and poppy-sounding intro (is that an old Casio keyboard preset?) topped by singer Julian Casablancas' wavering falsetto. The tune slowly builds and morphs over the course of several minutes until it sounds a bit more like the Strokes you know and love. Check it out below.

Listen to the Strokes' 'One Way Trigger'