It's been four long years since we last heard new material from the Virgins. The New York band released its self-titled debut album in 2008, toured for a while and then promptly dropped off the planet. Now the Virgins are back with a different look -- frontman Donald Cumming has recruited a new backing band featuring drummer John Eatherly, guitarist Xan Aird and bassist Max Kamins -- and a new single, 'Venus in Chains.' The track is being released as a 7" vinyl single with the B-side 'Slave to You' on May 26.

Despite all the changes, 'Venus in Chains' shows that the Virgins have retained much of the same sound that first put them on the map. Combining the devil-may-care swagger of gritty garage rock with synth pop sensibilities -- the New York Times once called them "the Strokes you can dance to" -- the Virgins found a home in New York playing fashion shows for downtown celebrities and the people who wanted to be them.

They were oft criticized for a derivative sound, but almost as often got bonus points for penning melodies that permanently ingrained themselves in your head. Put 'Venus' in both those categories, for sure.

What's next for the band that seemed to be in the witness protection program for nearly half a decade? Word on the street is that they are finally whipping together songs for that long-long-awaited follow-up, but nothing is confirmed.

Listen to the Virgins' 'Venus in Chains'