Covering Adele's lovelorn ballad 'Someone Like You' on a reality singing competition isn't easy, nor is it recommended. Adele's voice is one of the most powerful on the planet, and her songs don't really need or invite any sort of amateur makeovers. So, when a mousy contestant on 'The Voice of China' chose to cover the song during the blind audition phase, we were skeptical. That is, until she opened her mouth to sing and beautiful melodies filled the air.

The singer, looking dowdy in black glasses, a baggy and ill-fitting flannel top and ratty sneakers, projected shyness and hid behind her long curtain of hair. But once her voice asserted itself, all four of the judges on the singing competition eventually turned their chairs around to indicate that they wanted her to compete for their teams.

As our friends at TheFW point out, the video is in Chinese, except for the lyrics, so we can't translate what's being said or much about her history. But all of that is ancillary anyway, since her rendition of Adele's huge hit spoke at a much higher volume. This singer could be the new Susan Boyle, where dowdy looks belie her talent.