Hailing from Atlanta, the Well Reds released their debut EP, ‘Violet,’ in 2011. Since then, they’ve performed on ‘OurStage Panel’ and won the ‘New Music Seminar LA 2011’ competition. Tomorrow (Nov. 10), they celebrate the unveiling of their latest full-length, ‘Volume.’ Ahead of its release, we are excited to partner with the Well Reds to give you a chance to stream the record in its entirety. Check it out below.

Opening with the explosive ‘BPM (I Feel Rhythm),’ the Well Reds set the stage for what is one of the grooviest and most energetic albums we’ve heard in long, long time. “Our new album catalogues the life experiences that we’ve collected as members of an independent touring band,” the Well Reds explain to us. “It’s our hope that listeners will find snippets of our songs that relate personally to parts of their own lives.”

They go on about the LP, “‘Volume’ was recorded with Grammy award winner Joseph Prielozny and will be released exclusively on iTunes.”

Having recorded the album and preparing to unleash it to the world, the Well Reds have asked their fans help fund the promotion of ‘Volume.’ They’ve already raised nearly $20,000 to help share their new music not just in the U.S., but across the globe. Get details on their Loudfund campaign here.

And if you’ll be in Atlanta on Nov. 20, make plans to head to the Music Room to join the Well Reds at the official ‘Volume’ release party. Stay up-to-date with everything going on in the band’s world at their official website.