Diffuser readers might be familiar with the name Joe Lengson. The Los Angeles-based multi-instrumentalist played bass in the popular metalcore outfit MyChildren MyBride from 2007 to 2112, and he also penned ‘Sleeping in Parking Lots,’ a 2010 novel that has garnered great reviews.

The Woodsman’s Babe is Lengson’s newest musical vehicle, and it’s a completely different beast from MyChildren MyBride. Gone are the ear-splitting guitars and throaty metal vocals, and in their place, Lengson delivers rustic acoustic guitars and hushed vocal melodies. Today (Nov. 5), the Woodsman's Babe drops the single 'Paranoia' via Autumn + Colour, and we're pleased to bring you the exclusive video premiere -- watch it below.

"I wrote the song ‘Paranoia’ when I was in the transition of moving to Los Angeles after quitting my last band," Lengson tells Diffuser. "That was a period of time where I wrote many poems with an effort to get out of my comfort zone. I wanted to write words that seemed distant and from a different time. Essentially, most of my poetry is about previous women in my life, and this particular poem is too based off that foundation, but with a fictional twist."

“When I wrote took the poem and formatted it into this song, the only thing I was aiming for, was for my audience to close their eyes and be taken to a setting similar to 'Little House on the Prairie,'" he adds. "It sounds silly, but that's really all I want for my audience to do when they listen to my music. The title of this song came to me when the song was still untitled and I was watching the movie 'Goodfellas.' It was during the part where Ray Liotta was coked out of his mind looking out of his window at helicopters and worried about the F.B.I. watching him."

Watch the Woodsman's Babe Paranoia Video