You may already know that indie rockers the xx will release their new album 'Coexist' on Sept. 11 through Young Turks, and you may have even heard a few snippets of songs bound for the disc. But have you been wondering what the album cover will look like, what the track listing will be or what the platter's first single will be titled? Look no further!

Actually, you can look to the left for the cover art, which features the band's big "X" with what looks to be rainbow-like oil streaks spilled across part of it. As for the track listing, the titles of all 11 songs bound for 'Coexist' have been confirmed and are listed below. As for the first single off 'Coexist,' it's called 'Angels' -- and if you check back with shortly, not only will you get to read a review of the tune but you will also be able to listen to it in full.

Meanwhile, the British rockers are gearing up for a North American tour that will kick off on Monday (July 23) and keep them on the road through Aug. 2 in New York, N.Y. Check out their complete fall 2012 stateside itinerary here.

The xx 'Coexist' Track Listing:

1. 'Angels'
2. 'Chained'
3. 'Fiction'
4. 'Try'
5. 'Reunion'
6. 'Sunset'
7. 'Missing'
8. 'Tides'
9. 'Unfold'
10. 'Swept Away'
11. 'Our Song'