Thee Oh Sees return April 16 with a new album, 'Floating Coffin,' and ahead of the disc, they've unveiled a video for its first single, 'Minotaur.' True to name its name, the clip stars a Minotaur-like tattooed guy and goes a little something like this:

:03 As the sun rises, two knights brandishing swords begin quest for Minotaur.

:33 Song opens with the sound of deep orchestral flourishes.

:55 Tattooed Minotaur man awakens in cave to (inaudible) alarm clock.

1:19 Knights consult cartoonish line map on quest for Minotaur cave.

1:32 Minotuar man clocks in at his cave job, sweeps skulls out of his cave and offers kidnapped damsel in distress a fresh fruit breakfast (she shoves it away).

2:45 With day turned to night, knights carrying torches discover Minotaur cave -- and set off his flashing-light alarm!

3:11 Knights attacked in hallway by Minotaur, leader knight gets decapitated.

3:57 Minotaur dozes off, dreams of good times on the beach with happy damsel.

4:30 Surviving knight summons courage, kills Minotaur man and rescues damsel.

5:11 Knight and damsel hug, live happily ever after.

5:22 The end.