Thom Yorke delivered a fun surprise during Radiohead's recent performance at Bonnaroo. According to Billboard, as the band's set drew to a close on Friday night, Yorke dedicated their new song 'Supercollider' to none other than Jack White.

"This song is for Jack White," Yorke explained. "We saw him yesterday. A big thank you to him, but we can't tell you why. You'll find out."

The Radiohead frontman was careful not to reveal too much, but his teasing statement suggests the possibility of a collaboration between the two artists.

The enthusiastic (albeit cryptic) shout-out only served to further excite the audience at the end of the band's headlining show, a two-hour performance which centered largely around their more recent catalogue of songs. It makes sense that Yorke chose that particular setting to make such an announcement. The headquarters for White's independent label, Third Man Records, is located in Nashville, but an hour away from Bonnaroo's Manchester, Tenn. location.

While no concrete information about the project has been confirmed just yet, Yorke hinted to fans that more details will be coming soon.