First off, let's get this out of the way: Whoa. That's an album cover right there. Yeah, son. It's Alejandro Jodorowsky slipping peyote in your grandma's tea before sending her off to her sewing circle to cross-stitch this little piece of psychedelia. It's an album cover of the year contender.

(You're going to want to get lost in its 2000 x 2000 px glory here, though.)

For a band with a thick twee streak -- this is, after all, the band named after a children's book and featuring a dang tap-dancer -- they've chosen an awfully, awesomely heady face for their new album, 'Heavy Mood.' It's the first release for the Omaha, Neb. band in four years and the latest release on Saddle Creek Records' sister label, Team Love.

The first taste from the album, 'Static Expression,' is the type of chummy, strummy pop exercise we've come to expect from Tilly and the Wall. In fact, they've dusted off a few familiar '00s indie-pop tropes for good measure.

While Jamie Presnall's tap style is more Jesco White than Tommy Tune in this track, the band keeps it familiar with synthetic church chimes and a bit of bowed cello to add a little high drama to the ceremonies.

It's a fine track, sweet and familiar to indie pop fans. But not much more.

(Psst: If you want to hear a catchier, more promising track from the new album, check out 'Love Riot,' Tilly and the Wall's post-punk stomper that's as busy and awesomely abrasive as its album art.)

'Heavy Mood' will be released on Oct. 2.

Listen to Tilly and the Wall, 'Static Expression'