Titus Andronicus just announced the release of a seven-inch singles series starting on July 7 with a reissue of the band's first album.

Frontman Patrick Stickles, in a two-hour-long online press conference held from the comfort of his couch, discussed all of the meanings of the number seven -- because numbers are cool, and seven is the coolest number of them all. We're guessing that's the reason, mainly because who has two freakin' hours to watch a dude on a couch talk about numbers?

The band also just released a new song, 'Stranded (On My Own),' which will appear on the second single in the series. It will be paired with a song from the band Wicked Kind, which features members of Titus. Now that's clever marketing, folks. Check out 'Stranded (On My Own)' here.

While you may be thinking that releasing seven-inch singles is old-fashioned, the manner in which you may acquire these records is an even older concept. You just head on over to the band's website and join a subscription service. Yes, you subscribe to receive records in the mail. It's actually kind of cool, in a pain-in-the-ass sort of way.

The band is playing a record release show on July 7 at Shea Stadium in Brooklyn. Attendees will get the first record for free. That initial siingle also includes a special bonus disc with older material: 'Arms Against Atrophy' and 'Talking Oral Fixation Blues.' The band also just released a new video for the second song. Check it out below.