The ever-versatile Dave Matthews has shared his variety of talents with the world by stepping outside of the music box and appearing in movies including 'Just Go With It' and 'You Don’t Mess With the Zohan' -- but if his band should ever star in a film one day, will Matthews play himself? If the band's violinist, Boyd Tinsley, has a say, Tom Hanks would fulfill that role instead.

Since Tinsley recently entered the film industry – and is gearing up to unveil his new flick, ‘Faces in the Mirror,’ on Aug. 30 – he voiced his opinion on the potential casting issue. In a recent statement, he claimed, "A young Tom Hanks would be a great Dave Matthews. That's the one that I could say definitively … I hope Dave is flattered by that, and I hope Tom Hanks is too."

As for his other bandmates, Tinsley thought that world famous drummer Dennis Chambers should portray DMB's own drummer, Carter Beauford, and that “what's his name from 'Parks and Recreation' that used to be on 'Saturday Night Live'” should play himself. (The assumption here is that he was referring to Tracy Morgan.) However, Tinsley was stumped on an appropriate actor to match with the band’s bassist, Stefan Lessard, stating that he "was like a teenager when he joined the band, and he still looks like one."

While such a movie has yet to come into existence, it will be interesting to see if Tinsley's wishes come true.

To check out Tinsley's film 'Faces in the Mirror,' head over to SnagFilms on Aug. 30 to catch its premiere.