In a recent interview with Rolling Stone -- while getting his Spirit of Courage Award for his activism via Courage Campaign at Hollywood's House of Blues -- Tom Morello opened up about his new musical direction, including the fact that he has 20 songs ready to go for his next release.

"I have one recorded and about another 19 percolating. Through the rest of the fall, that's what I'm going to be working on," Morello says. "In the past, my process was: You have songs, you go in the studio, you record the songs. This time, I've got the songs and I'm really going to challenge myself in the presentation of those songs."

The singer-songwriter goes on to describe his new musical direction as "the Hendrix of now," modeling what he feels Jimi Hendrix would sound like in this current day and age.

He will enlist his core band as well as the Freedom Fighter Orchestra for help on the record as he's done in the past. As fans wait for new tunes, check out the music video from the Nightwatchman (Morello's project moniker), 'Black Spartacus Heart Attack Machine,' below: