The year of 2012 has already been one full of top song contenders -- including one of the biggest surprise successes to hit the music industry in years -- and's list of the Top Songs of 2012 (So Far) reflects it. From international stars to newly crowned arena rockers to big comebacks and up-and-coming indie rock acts, it has it all.

To compile our tally, we've ranked dozens of songs that were first released in 2012 based on chart success, sales figures, reader input, staff selections and even YouTube plays. We then narrowed them all down into the Top 10 songs so far this year. Be sure to check back as the pages on the calendar continue to flip, as we will be adding new tunes and subtracting some that are already on here as more Top 10-worthy tracks come out.

Did your favorites make the cut? Click the big blue button below to start flipping through our Top Songs of 2012 (So Far) list, then let us know in the comments section which ones you agree with, which ones don't deserve to be here and which new ones should be added.