Ah, the glorious tour poster. Not since the golden age of vinyl LPs have rock music and visual image been so intertwined. Sure, CDs and even digital downloads come with album artwork, but tour posters are much larger -- and often more colorful and playful, with often seemingly random images used to promote the gig. Gone are the days when somewhat bland post bills were the the prevalent means of advertisement for concerts. Tour posters these days are bona fide works of visual art.

The modern era of tour posters was ushered in in the late '60s with psychedelic posters for acts like he Grateful DeadJimi Hendrix and many, many others. That trend continues to this day with increasingly eye-catching, weird and wonderful designs, sometimes by artists who make a living creating them. So, without further ado, click on the blue button below to check out some of the coolest indie and alternative tour posters around.