Early '80s college radio favorites Translator are gearing up to unveil a collection of previously unreleased material, Sometimes People Forget. The San Francisco-based band first became known in 1982 with the modest hit "Everywhere That I'm Not":

That song helped push their debut album, Heartbeats and Triggers, to the top of the prestigious college music charts. Three more albums followed before they called it a day in 1986. They would eventually reform in 2012 and release the critically acclaimed Big Green Lawn.

Sometimes People Forget, set for release on March 31 via Omnivore, compiles 22 demos that span 1979-1985; only two of the tracks have been previously released. The collection was produced in conjunction with the band, and tells their story from the earliest days. Guitarist Steve Barton co-produced the set and wrote the liner notes. A hefty selection of photos and ephemera, as well as comments from producers David Kahne and Ed Stasium, round out the package.

"We are so thrilled about this album," Barton says. "It is a collection, all handpicked from the band's personal archives, including tracks from when we were a trio in L.A. in 1979. Listening to the record in sequence, I really get the scope and diversity of Translator. What an amazing little band. The four of us make a pretty glorious noise together."

Sometimes People Forget will be available on CD and as a digital download; you can pre-order your copy here.

Sometimes People Forget Track List
1. 'Translator’ (Previously released)
2. 'Lost’
3. 'Everywhere That I’m Not’
4. 'Fiendish Thingy’ (Previously released)
5. 'Optimism’
6. 'Necessary Spinning’
7. 'Eraser’
8. 'Get Out’
9. 'Everything Is Falling’
10. 'Gravity’
11. 'We Fell Away’
12. 'Winter Crying’
13. 'Inside My Mind’
14. 'Is There a Heaven Singing’
15. 'My Restless Heart’ (French Version)
16. 'These Old Days’
17. 'Friends of the Future’
18. 'Fall Forever’
19. 'Breathless Agony’
20. 'Brouhaha’
21. 'Standing in Line’
22. 'I’ll Be Your Summer’