With their most recent album about to celebrate its one-year anniversary, it's time for Blink-182 to start thinking about the future -- and drummer Travis Barker says fans have a lot to look forward to.

"We had seven years off and the last album I think was us barely getting back into the rhythm," said Barker in a recent interview with the U.K. drum mag Rhythm, NME reports. "Recording an album because it was expected of us and we'd gotten back together and everyone wanted to hear new music."

Now that they're back in that rhythm, Barker expects great things from the band's next effort. "I feel like the best is yet to come, the next album is going to be exciting," he said. "For the most part the last album was recorded in different studios, we weren't always in the same room. We made it happen and it was the best it could be at the time with us three. I think in the future it can be crazy."

In the meantime, the band members are enjoying some time off the road while they gear up for an Australian tour, scheduled for early 2013. Barker will keep busy promoting the new album from his side project Transplants, a collaboration with Rancid's Tim Armstrong and vocalist Skinhead Rob.