Chewing a piece of Trident will turn your life into a kaleidoscope of energy and color. That's the message behind a new Trident gum commercial that features the music of the Naked and Famous.

The one-minute spot uses the track 'Young Blood,' the New Zealand band's most successful single. The music and ad campaign seem to be a perfect match, with the buoyant tune set to images of pillow fights, sparklers, roller coasters and bursts of light.

Bicycles light up at night with neon wheels and a group of people wave colorful flags atop a mountain as the ad closes with the voiceover, "See what unfolds."

'Young Blood' has proven to be a popular song choice in commercials and TV shows. It appeared in the trailer for the horror film 'Cabin in the Woods' and in television series 'Chuck,' 'Degrassi,' 'Gossip Girl' and 'Awkward.'

The track from 2010's 'Passive Me, Aggressive You' cracked the Top 10 on the Alternative Songs chart. 'Young Blood' was also one of the many covers on Birdy's debut album.

Watch the Naked and the Famous' 'Young Blood' in the Trident Gum Commercial