Earlier this year, in an interview with Wild Cub mastermind Keegan DeWitt, Diffuser likened the Nashville neo-New Wave crew to Twin Shadow, a somewhat more theatrical performer with the same love of slick '80s sounds. Our comparison must not have been far off, because George Lewis Jr., the man behind Twin Shadow, has remixed Wild Cub's 'Thunder Clatter' single for Urban Outfitters' Music Monday blog. Check it out below.

In Lewis' hands, 'Clatter' actually becomes less clattering, as the Brooklyn-based artist slows the tempo, warps the vocals and turns the bright and springy original into a more soulful dance-floor rumbler. Twin Shadow's version appears on a deluxe single due out Dec. 10 on Mom + Pop, and while fans will want to plunk down for that release, what with the additional Small Black remix, the track is available here for free download.

'Thunder Clatter' is among the standouts on Wild Cub's debut, 'Youth,' a self-released disc some music fans might have slept on. Mom + Pop aims to rectify that on Jan. 21, when it re-releases the record, complete with the bonus tunes 'Blacktide' and 'Lies.'