Fly enough times, and an airline is bound to lose your bags eventually -- it's simply a rite of passage in those friendly skies. But as miserably nerve-wracking as the experience can be, it has to be even worse when you're a touring musician whose clothing and gear has slipped through the cracks in the airline's tracking system. Just ask the folks in Okkervil River.

The six-piece Austin band had a scary experience yesterday (Aug. 20) when American Airlines routed their bags to Dallas instead of Austin, leaving them waiting for a delivery that didn't happen the way it was supposed to. As frontman Will Sheff tweeted, "American Airlines delivered my lost bags to the wrong address & they were stolen. DM me w any leads. Wilson & Cumberland area."

The understandably concerned Sheff continued to detail his ordeal for his Twitter followers, writing, "Of course the delivery company for @AmericanAir, Bags Inc, just goes to a full voicemail. Zero accountability when they lose all your stuff ... Was told @AmericanAir would call for a delivery & would hand off in person. They dumped it all on the street & someone drove by & swiped it."

After threatening that he'd end up "performing not only w/o gear but also in the nude" if he didn't have his things returned to him, Sheff soon informed his followers that everything "got dropped off in the total wrong place. In any case they admitted their fault & I got my bags. Courteous & voices didn't have to be raised ... What's funny about all this is that I'm not sure I could have gotten the same attn without Twitter. So thanks for helping me get my s---!"