What were you doing when you were 19? Probably sitting on your rickety futon, sucking back a cold one … or trying to pull a "Hey Mister" in a gas station parking lot … or trying to get Cindy to actually like you … or maybe you were like young whippersnapper Ed Tullett, devoting your entire brain to mastering your musical craft.

On the strength of songs like 'Oxblood,' the U.K.-based singer has made a name for himself around Brighton, churning out melodic guitar tracks in the vein of James Blake and Britain's trip-hop pioneers. He's got a fantastic and spooky voice and is certainly prolific.

Tullet is now diving into a new project dubbed TWYNS, a collaborative three-piece he started with songwriters Ffion Atkinson and Calvin Emerson. Working from thousands of miles apart, the trio finished their debut, 'Chyr,' via email, and it's thanks to that same sort of wondrous digital technology that Diffuser.fm brings you this exclusive download of the entire album -- just click the big button below or stream the record via the Soundcloud widget below that.

Highlights include 'Mercy,' a metronomic Sade-like slow jam, and the auto-tuned splendor of 'Shimmer.' TWYNS take a page or two from the xx's playbook -- and to great effect. Each track eases along like a slow-moving cloud, flying over a digital landscape of lasers and tidal shifts. Hit that button below and float away.

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