With seven solo albums since 2008 along with countless collaborations and side-projects, Ty Segall has never shied away from work -- but with his new video for 'Manipulator,' he's making you do some of the creative lifting.

The Bay Area singer-songwriter has posted a surreal 'director's playthrough' (above) for the title track from his latest full-length which was released last month, but the actual video (posted on Segall's website) is designed so that viewers can click on items in the trippy environment and -- dare we say it -- manipulate the video as it plays.

Frequent Segall collaborator Matt Yoka directed the clip and told the New York Times the video was inspired by early MTV videos like Peter Gabriel’s classic 'Sledgehammer' along with vintage printed imagery. "I was going into bookstores and buying art books with a guilty face, purchasing them knowing I would destroy them,” Yoka said. “But the people at the registers could sense that and they’d say: ‘These are really good for cutting up.’”

Video designer and coder Simon Wiscombe told Yoka the video offers a nearly infinite number of possible visual combinations. “The variations multiply to a mind-boggling level of possibilities,” Yoka said. “Wiscombe estimates there’s a quadrillion different variations you can make.”

See how many combinations you can come up with here.