Ty Segall has been churning out several records as of late, and now following the release of his second '$INGLE$' LP released in November -- and his latest full length ‘Manipulator’ -- the garage rocker has announced a brand new EP titled ‘Mr. Face′ which will be released on Jan. 18 via Famous Class.

The 4-track EP will not only be released as a double 7-inch vinyl set, but it's the first ever playable pair of 3D glasses, yes, that you can also wear! The super cool translucent red- and blue-colored discs are embedded with 3D artwork that can be seen just by looking through the records.

Pre-orders are currently available via Famous Class here as well as via iTunes.

'Mr. Face' EP Tracklisting:
1. 'Mr. Face'
2. 'Circles'
3. 'Drug Mugger'
4. 'The Picture'