Italian enigma Tying Tiffany takes time off the runway to push her new "electro-grunge" EP 'One.'

"'One' is now. It's the time I live in, without filters or judgements," Tiffany says of the record. "It's the description of a moment."

The multi-talented artist's "description of a moment" is neurotic and dreary yet bright, like a Sinead O'Connor single modernized and drenched in blue-grey watercolors.

"This EP for me, it's like a new beginning … my last two albums were very intimate and introspective, driven by goth-wave and the dark side of my soul," she adds. "Now I'm going through a different phase of my life, and I had the need to express myself with a more open and direct sound ... a sound that I like to call 'electro-grunge.' That is my current state of mind ... I'm in a grungy electronic state, and music is my language; 'One' is my 'uniqueness.' One girl. One place. One second. One end."

'One' will be released in the States on March 12, and for all those skipping SXSW this year, the heroin-chic star-in-the-making will tease Brooklyn with her melancholy melodies at Glasslands on March 17. Until then, check out 'One Second' below.
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