In what makes former Pearl Jam executive Rickey Goodrich's theft of $380,000 look like child's play, a former aide to U2 bassist Adam Clayton has been found guilty of stealing millions of dollars from the musician.

According to the Associated Press, Carol Hawkins sat in the courtroom with an apathetic look on her face as 181 guilty verdicts were read out loud. Hawkins was charged with stealing $3.6 million from Clayton's savings account for her own personal use. The expenses were staggering.

Hawkins spent $550,000 to purchase 22 racehorses, $24,420 for one flight ticket to Miami for her husband, and another booked flight for $20,438 to London and Cincinnati, Ohio. Other expenditures included a new car and college tuition for her two children. Hawkins claimed Clayton approved everything.

The U2 co-founder said he had no idea about her spending spree over the last four years. He only allowed Hawkins access to his bank accounts so she could pay bills related to his mansion in south Dublin, Ireland.

"The fact is she wrote checks from my accounts and put them in her accounts. She was using my accounts to pay her bills," Clayton testified last week in court. He had met her in 1992 and hired her to take care of his home while he was away, paying her $61,000 a year.

"It was astonishing and revealed a whole side of Carol Hawkins I'd never seen before," Clayton stated.