U2 singer Bono paid musical tribute to the late mother of guitarist the Edge on Saturday during a funeral service at the Presbyterian Church in Dublin, Ireland. Gwenda Evans was in her late 70s when she passed away last Monday (June 11) at St. Francis Hospice after battling an unspecified illness. It's not known what Bono performed, but he was spotted leaving the church carrying a guitar case.

All four members of U2 attended the funeral for Evans before moving on to a service at the Glasnevin Crematorium, reports the Irish Independent. After a private gathering for family and friends at the nearby Grand Hotel, the band was later spotted continuing their morning at a local pub named Gibney's.

Bassist Adam Clayton attended with his father, Brian, and drummer Larry Mullen, Jr. was with his longtime partner Anne Acheson, while Bono was on hand with his wife, Ali Hewson. The Edge himself, wearing his trademark black cap, was joined by his second wife, Morleigh Steinberg; their two children, and other family members. His first wife, Aislinn O'Sullivan, who remains good friends with the guitarist, was spotted with the former couple's three children.

Bono has previously called the Edge's mom U2's first roadie. "Mrs. Edge was always there," he said. "She had an orange Volkswagen, she picked up our gear and she never complained."