U2 guitarist the Edge has a plan to build several mansions in Malibu, Calif. His idea was rejected several years ago, but now it looks like he's getting another chance at making his dream come true.

The California Coastal Commission previously denied the Edge's proposal to create his desired five mansion complex, claiming that the structures would be harmful to the environment. However, thanks to the support of lawyers and lobbyists alike, the Edge (also known as David Howell Evans) just might get to build his ideal mansions after all.

The issue at hand is ownership. The commission currently reserves the right to approve or reject ideas like the one the Edge is pushing for. The fact that he wishes to build not just one structure, but several, proves to be an even greater challenge. As it stands right now, the commission is far more likely to allow someone to develop a standalone structure as opposed to an entire compound.

According to the L.A. Times, legislators and lobbyists have teamed up to work on a bill that will hopefully reverse the commission’s ability to say "yea" or "nay" to such projects. The bill, however, has already received harsh criticism from the commission as well as environmentalists seeking to protect the land. In the words of the commission's legislative director, Sarah Christie, the passing of the bill will likely lead to "more fragmented, inappropriate development" on the California coast. Others have denounced it -- along with the Edge's endeavor -- as a mere attempt for power.

Despite what they're up against, the U2 guitarist and his supporters are pushing for the bill to pass. In the words of lobbyist Fabian Nunez, a former Assembly Speaker, "This bill would prohibit local agencies from discriminating against some by inserting their own interpretation of property ownership." The Edge's lawyer, Stanley Lamport, stands firmly behind his project with the statement, "It's a big issue and it’s not about one person ... It's about everybody."

If the bill ends up working in his favor, the Edge will construct his dream houses along 156 acres of land on a picturesque California cliff.