Now here's a roller coaster of a day: an American family vacationing in Ireland recently suffered a terrible scare when they realized they'd lost a bag containing their passports -- and then they were elated to discover that it had been found by U2 guitarist the Edge, who had it delivered to them ... with an autographed CD.

The travelers -- a father and his two children who were visiting from San Francisco, Calif. -- left their bag at a train station in Killarney, and quickly realized their trip would be thrown into disarray without its contents (especially those passports). The Edge happened to be walking by the station, noticed the bag's label (which fortunately was inscribed with the address of the hotel where the family was staying) and came to the rescue.

"It definitely wasn’t the Edge who dropped it, but he had someone do it on his behalf," said a spokesperson quoted by the Independent. "It was a very kind gesture on his part. We don’t know if it was he himself who found it or what. But he certainly organized its return."

The hotel's reception manager told the paper that the bag was returned with an autographed U2 CD inside, along with a note saying "Hope your journey ends well." Added the manager, "It was amazing because the father is such a huge U2 fan and went to see one of their live shows in the '80s."