Last fall, U2 put the word out to their fans that they wanted their input for a new live record. Now that disc, titled 'U22,' is ready to go.

The set features recordings from throughout the U2 360° Tour, and their fan club members were allowed to choose from a selection that would result in a new 22-song collection exclusively for subscribers of So far, the band revealed that 'All I Want is You,' 'Walk On,' 'Mysterious Ways,' 'Bad,' 'Even Better Than the Real Thing,' and 'With or Without You' have all made the cut. Plus, those who get 'U22' as part of their subscription will receive a deluxe book of live photos complete with liner notes from bassist Adam Clayton.

As of right now, those that are already members or those that sign up will instantly get four tracks from the collection, including 'Unknown Caller,' a bonus cut that's not on the final track listing. On May 30, an additional eight songs from the disc will be available for download, and shipments of the limited edition release will officially be in the mail.

If you don't have a subscription, visit the service site for a rundown of what you'll receive for your payment.

The tour grossed an estimated $736 million, with over seven million fans crossing through the turnstiles during the 2009-2011 run.