As we all know, MTV no longer plays videos, but that doesn't mean bands have stopped setting their music to awesome visuals. Each week, we're inundated with cool new music videos -- trippy psych-rock clips, swirly synth-pop mind-benders, hard-hitting hip-hop vignettes -- and it's sometimes hard to stay on top of all the hyper-creative images flashing across our screen. Hence our new Diffuser Top 10 Video Countdown, an audio-visual battle royale whereby you, the readers, peruse the 30 latest and greatest videos and vote for your favorites.

You're allowed to vote once per hour, so if you're really loving, say, Pearl Jam's 'Sirens,' you can show your support for earnest Eddie and his grunge-rock brethren over and over again. Maybe you prefer Eminem's boisterous hip-hop? The Pixies' harrowing 'Indie Cindy?' Vote below, and if you're not familiar with some of these choices, just click the titles, and we'll magically transport you to the appropriate YouTube page.

Polls close at 11AM EST on Friday, Sept. 27. Check back that day to see which candidate is the winner -- then pick your faves from an updated batch of 30. It's kind like that old show 'Dial MTV,' only without the gloriously hair-sprayed Adam Curry.