Hopefully Saab lovers everywhere have forgiven and forgotten Vampire Weekend’s crimes against the beloved brand in time for today’s release of their video for ‘Diane Young.’ The song's preview clip preceded the release of the band’s latest album, ‘Modern Vampires of the City,’ and it featured a couple of Saab 900s in flames — not too surprising for a song with the opening line, “We torched a Saab like a pile of leaves.” The clip received some backlash, since Saab went bankrupt in 2011 and has a bit of a cult following. The band has since apologized for any offenses they might have caused to collectors of the brand.

The fiery scene didn’t make the final cut of the Primo Khan-directed video, which captures the band and some interesting company sitting down for a meal that goes pretty awry.

This is the first track from ‘Vampires of the City’ to receive video treatment.