Vampire Weekend have dropped a lyric video for their track 'Ya Hey' from 'Modern Vampires of the City,' out May 14. But don't roll your eyes, since it's not just words on screen. It's actually a visually interesting clip that presents itself like an atrsy commercial you'd see in Europe.

The lyrics of 'Ya Hey' scroll over images of people popping tops on champagne bottles and squirting the bubbly all over themselves and one another in NYC. We know, it might seem like a waste of a delicious libation, but who hasn't enjoyed shaking up a bottle of champagne and letting the spray douse anyone within inches of your personal space? It's cathartic.

The Chrysler Building factors into the action, and so does the band. Watch and you'll see. It's not your typical lyric vid, and that's because Vampire Weekend aren't your typical band.