Following the success of its first EP, 'This Time Now,' the New York band the Vantage returns with a new set of songs in a similar vein.

Still, the five-track 'Color Blind' EP shows how the duo has grown lyrically and musically since its debut. From the full-on rock-outs found in 'Faith' and 'Glow' to the softer acoustic strumming of 'Animal,' 'Color Blind' reveals a versatility of a group maturing with each release.

You can listen to 'Color Blind' -- an exclusive premiere -- here:

No matter what direction they decide to take in a song, there's one thing that runs through the entire EP: an uplifting anthemic approach. Even if the lyrics don't always lean toward the positive, the melodies progressively expand and explode to the point where you're amped up enough to take on the entire day.

But the Vantage take a detour on the more somber 'Time of War,' in which they get nostalgic for a forgotten time: "Tell me where have you gone since 1962 / And how'd you get so far along / When all we know is time of war / Time of peace / Time of love / Maybe we found what we need in trust," singer James Mason sings.

Take a listen to the Vantage's 'Color Blind' EP above.