There are countless reasons to choose Verizon as your cellphone provider, a new commercial suggests. Not only does the reliable mobile operator have the largest 4GLTE network, it also received J.D. Power and Associates’ customer-service award four times in a row. So, what’s the song playing in the background of all the backslapping going on?

The ear-catching tune is ‘Patricia’s Moving Picture’ by British pop-rockers the Go! Team. It appears on their second album, ‘Proof of Youth,’ which came out in 2007.

“The album closes with its own end-credits sequence: the soft, chiming harmonics and triumphant trumpets of ‘Patricia’s Moving Picture.’ And so, our story ends happily,” wrote 'NME' in a review. “They’ve once again dispensed blockbuster ingredients: action, romance, mystery, xylophones and shouting. And while it’s only entertainment and, yes, if we step back a bit it does seem rather silly, ‘Proof of Youth’ has enough development and heartwarming moments to see us through.”

The Go! Team's ‘The Power Is On,’ from their 2004 disc ‘Thunder, Lightning, Strike,’ has also surfaced in a number of TV spots, including a 2010 ad for the NFL’s Play60 campaign, as well as in the 2009 movie ‘Whip It’ starring Ellen Page.

Hear the Go! Team’s ‘Patricia’s Moving Picture’ in the Verizon Wireless 2013 Commercial