Psst ... Wanna own some of the instruments used in the making of the Verve's classic 1997 song 'Bittersweet Symphony'? Here's your chance. Former guitarist Nick McCabe is unloading a bunch of his old stuff online.

McCabe is selling a lot of his old gear -- including guitars, amps and other equipment -- on his Facebook page. Among the items he's selling is a 1972 Telecaster Deluxe seen in the Verve's 'Love Is Noise' video.

Earlier this week, McCabe wrote that "the past two years have been hard on my bank balance." But he seems to have gotten in the spirit of things, regularly posting photos of himself with the items and occasionally signing them for the people who bought them.

Apparently he pulled one guitar from the sale lot -- a red Strat -- but everything else is still for sale, according to NME. And it looks like he's not stopping until everything's gone.

McCabe left the Verve a few years ago and is now playing with a group called Black Submarine, which also features another former member of the Verve, bassist Simon Jones.

If you want to see that '72 Telecaster in action, here's that video from 1998: