Gorgeous supermodels show off the latest line of Victoria's Secret swimwear -- and a whole lot of flesh -- in a new commercial that features Vassy's sexy dance song 'Desire.'

The sun, sand, and water of the Turks and Caicos Islands in the Caribbean appear prominently in the clip along with Adriana Lima, Candice Swanepoel, Elyse Taylor and Jasmine Tookes, who seductively model the revealing swimsuit collection.

The 90-second clip is matched with the "ooh, aah, la la la" refrain of Vassy's song. Most people probably don't need extra motivation to watch a Victoria's Secret commercial, but the song certainly enhances the vibe.

An Australian of Greek descent, Vasiliki Karagiorgos took the stage name Vassy when she began pursuing music. She won a talent competition Down Under in 2003 and earned a Warner Bros. contract as a result.

'Desire' has become a popular song choice. In addition to appearing on 'Grey's Anatomy,' the track was also featured in a comedic 2011 ad for recruitment firm TheLadders in which white collar executives gave their sexiest poses.

The 2012 Victoria's Secret swimwear commercial features a whole lot of skin but is generally safe for work. Check it out below.

Watch Vassy's 'Desire' in the Victoria's Secret Swimwear Commercial